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Victorian vi34 Greenhouse on Faux Stone Wall

vi34 on wall complete

Beautiful isn't it? This is a VI34 Victorian Greenhouse built on a wooden foundation wall with faux stone vaneer, a drop door and more interesting features constructed by Derick Anderson.

Derick wrote:
"I figured these pictures may be of use to you. Everything was built by hand, alone, by a novice. I only mention that because it may be relevant to a potential buyer that falls into the same category as I do."

The photos below show an abbreviated step by step of his construction process. To view the complete build process, including custom interior components and simple water/electrical solutions click here to view complete construction gallery with detailed text descriptions.

vi34 on wall 1
vi34 on wall 2
vi34 on wall 3
vi34 on wall 4
vi34 on wall 5
vi34 on wall 6
vi34 on wall 7
vi34 on wall 8
vi34 on wall 9
vi34 on wall 10
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