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Due to logistical issues and the high demand and price of shipping containers from Europe, we currently will not be offering any rain collection tanks for 2022. We are fully sold out of our current stock at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How do I connect my above-ground tank to the downpipe?

Can you connect these rain barrels so one overflows into the next?
These rain collection tanks can be connected so the first one overflows to the next, although it does take extra accessories and customization.

In order to do this you will use the included hole saw to drill two holes into the first tank – one will be your inlet, the other your overflow (which must be lower than the inlet). Then you will drill a hole in your second tank as an inlet. You may use the hose and rubber washer included in the downspout diverter kit, but will need an additional rubber washer to insert. Once both tanks are full, the overflow will continue down the downspout.

Can you get inside to clean tank?
Graf rain collection tanks have 4 layers to create a surface that light cannot penetrate. As it is a closed system, there is less chance of debris and sunlight and therefore no algae growth. Regardless, some users still like to be able to clean their tanks. The Vino/Whiskey Rain Barrels have a top lid that unscrews. Other Graf rain barrels will have plugs at the bottom that will allow the water to fully drain. Depending on the style you have, you may also purchase the Universal Rain Barrel Water Removal Kit that can be used with any rain barrel if they do not have a bottom drain and if you would like to completely empty your barrel.

Is there a bottom drain hole?
This varies by model and should be noted on each product page if there is a drain hole. If the style you are interested in does not have a drain hole, you may purchase a Universal Rain Barrel Water Removal Kit to completely empty the tank.

Can the spigot be moved to the bottom?
If your rain barrel comes equipped with a threaded drain hole, a Graf spigot may be used in that drain hole. It is likely however, that you may need to elevate the tank slightly to be able to fully use that spigot.

How do I remove the water for the winter?
The water will only need to be removed if a hard freeze is expected for days at a time. Use the drain hole at the bottom, if you have one or a Universal Rain Barrel Water Removal Kit.

Can I stop the over the winter?
If you would ever like to stop the flow of water from your downspout to the tank, you may turn the knob on your universal connection kit, which will close off the flow of water. When this is done, all water will just continue down the downspout.

Can I purchase additional lengths of flex hose if my rain barrel is installed a further distance form my down spout?
Yes, Exaco has any additional parts you may need including longer lengths of flex hose. Call (512) 407-8500 Ext 701 for customer service.

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