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Rainwater Harvesting in Style



These designer European rain barrels ate manufactured by Graf - a producer of fine yard and garden decor - in Teningen, Germany

Options for Rain Barrel Purchase

Local sales in Austin, TX area!

Pick Up
Exaco offers a 25% discount from teh list price for customers who pick up a rain barrel directly from our showroom. Please visit during our showroom hours (below), or call us to ask if alternative hours can be arranged.

Local Delivery
Exaco offers local rain barrel delivery to any location within the Austin metropolitan area and its immediate suburbs. (Roughly a 30-mile radius from our showroom in Pflugerville). Depending on your exact location, this service may be included in the base price. Please inquire with us for details (see below).

Shipping (USA and Canada)
Exaco rain barrels must be shipped using common carriers (as oposed to UPS or FedEx) and the freight cost is several hundred dollars. Since rain barrels are palletized for shipment, it is usually more cost effective to ship multiples. Please inquire with us for additional details and to receive a quote.

Contact Us:
(512) 407-8500 ext 701

Showroom Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am - 5am
Weekends by Appointment

Our Address:
16001 Impact Way
Pflugerville, TX 78660

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