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Gigant Greenhouse

The Gigant is the largest greenhouse we offer in both total floorspace and in height. It’s can be customized to a length nearly twice as long as the VI 46, and is the only Janssens greenhouse that can be ordered with a second level of sidewall glass to raise the ceiling. Aside from these increased dimensions, it features the same essential design elements as the Royal Victorian (and is customizable in many of the same ways).

Like all Janssens models its 4mm tempered glass and aluminum frame make it resilient enough to withstand wind gusts and most hail. The Gigant’s structure is additionally strengthened by thick aluminum portal frames and gable end supports, which increase its durability in sustained wind and snow events. Moreover its doors and windows can be installed nearly anywhere, providing substantial flexibility in design.

If you’re looking for an expansive hobby greenhouse that will stand the test of time, the Gigant is a fantastic choice.

Please note that because the Gigant can only be purchased as a customized model, a special order must be placed with the Janssens factory in Belgium. Consequently, lead times are longer than those of other models.


Glazing: 4mm tempered glass panes OR
                10mm twin wall polycarbonate
Frame: 17 gauge tubular aluminum extrusions
                Heavy duty portal frame supports
                Heavy duty gable end supports
Colors: Black (RAL9005), Fir Green (RAL6009), White (RAL9010)
               Custom colors also available - see below


Since Arcadia greenhouses are offered only as a special order, they have no default length or width - these dimensions may be customized within certain parameters.

The charts below show possible dimensions for the Gigant greenhouse. Note that the width of the greenhouse will determine both peak hieght and roof pitch.

gigant greenhouse dimensions

*Dimensions are approximate conversions from metric measurements and should not be relied on for assembly purposes. Contact Exaco for more information.

Extra Hieght

One major advantage of the Gigant greenhouseis the option to extend it's walland peak hieght by adding a second level of glazing panels to the side walls. The options for extensions are:

  • 1'0"
  • 1'8"
  • 2'11"

Additional Options

Doors & Windows: There is no standard configuration of doors and windows. Customers may select their desired options from the 'Accessories' list to the right. Please note that double doors can only be installed in walls that contain at least 4 panels.

Glazing: Customers may substitute narrow panels (~1'2" width) for the standard glazing panels (~2'4" width) at a rationof 2:1.This will not affect the overall dimensions of the greenhouse.
On the roof of glass models, customers may substitute polycarbonate glazing panels for the glass glazing panels.

Decorative Panels: Customers may choose to add decorative metal panels along the bottom of the side walls, identical to those found on the Retro Victorian greenhouse.

Colorss: Customers may choose a color from the RAL Color System outside of the default options.

Special Notes

The Gigant greenhouse is an advanced build and should only be assembled by a contractor or highly skilled handyman. Please consider the following:

  • On glass models, the roof glazing panels are extremely large and heavy and may require additional support scaffolding during assembly.
  • Hardware for attaching this greenhouse to a building is not included
  • Weather stripping for sealing the gap between this greenhouse and a building is not included.
  • Due to the high level of customization for this greenhouse, Exaco cannot provide structural certifications (but we canput you in touch with the engineering firm that provided ours).

What Makes Janssens a Quality Brand?

  • Aluminum profiles are thicker and stronger than most competitors at an equivalent price range
  • Stainless steel hardware prevents rusting or corrosion of any type
  • Glazing is 4mm tempered glass where many others use 3mm, granting both greater insulation and resilience to extreme weather conditions (wind and hail)
  • Glazing panels are held in place with heavy-duty rubber weather seals
  • Glazing panels are full-sized single pieces, and look much nicer than the overlapping panels sometimes found on other brands
  • 4” high foundation frame is included, where others usually cost extra
  • Tempered glass is TUV and GS tested
Professional installation for this product may be available in your area via our growing network of independent installers. To learn more, simply give us a call at (512) 407-8500 Ext 701.
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