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Hydroponic Garden in a VI36 Greenhouse

Harris Bruch sent some great images and description of using a hydroponic growing system with the VI36 Greenhouse, and LED Grow Lights in VI23 and VI36 greenhouses.

"The two hydroponic systems that I use are a modified General Hydroponics WaterFarm, and a JuicePlus+ Tower Garden. I use the Tower Garden for micro greens, herbs, and smaller plants. The GH garden is currently growing tomatoes of 4 varieties including 2 heirloom varieties. We have been enjoying the micro greens and herbs, but tomatoes are a while off. The tomato plants are quite mature, have flowers, but have no fruit yet. I also have a few orchids, and 35 bonsai. that are doing very well. "

Interior with hydroponic system and grow lightsInterior View
hdroponic systemHydroponic System
Grow LightsGrow Lights
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