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Aerobin 400 Compost Bin - Our Best Seller!

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The First Composter Which Requires No Extra Work - No Turning Required

The Aerobin 400 uses a patented lung® or aeration core inside a sealed bin to promote aerobic break down of organic matter, which experts say is the preferable method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The thermal insulation in the Aerobin 400 conserves heat, leading to rapid breakdown of the biomass and works efficiently year round, even in cooler regions. There is no need to turn the biomass and it is pet and rodent resistant. It has little odor and can kill noxious weeds and seeds.

The Aerobin 400 is easy to use - just open, drop and close. After a short time, fertile compost is produced, which is easily accessed via the lower side door.

The Aerobin 400 comes with a reservoir at the bottom to collect the leachate, which when diluted makes for great "compost-tea" liquid fertilizer.

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aerobin 400 outdoor photo
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Aerobin 400 Features

  • Capacity: 400 liters, 113 gallons.
  • Insulated side walls and lid for year round operation - both to retain heat generated by the aerobic composting process and stop cold ambient air reaching the biomass.
  • It has a base and a Leachate Tank for collection of liquid nutrients dispelled from the biomass (green waste).
  • No turning or agitating of the biomass is necessary - simply drop and forget!
  • Aerobin requires no accessories or tools.
  • It's vermin resistant.
  • Aerobin composts kitchen & garden waste quickly.
  • Moisture recirculation system.
  • Aerobin lowers GHG emissions.
  • Designed in Australia


  • Size of Article (L x W x H): 29" x 29" x47"
  • Net Weight: 56 lbs.Single Packaging - boxes: 2
  • Kind of Packaging: Brown cardboard
  • Kind of Palette: 40" x 48"
  • Size of Master Carton box 1: 9.7" x 29.5" x 29.3"
  • Size of Master Carton box 2: 22" x 28.8" x 25"
  • Weight box 1: 23.7 lbs
  • Weight box 2: 49.5 lbs
  • Shipping quantities: Qty per 40' HC - 175 unitsUPS/Fedex Shippable

We have a large garage and wonder if it would be okay to place the composter Aerobin 400 in our garage. Would it cause an excessively bad odor?

Tom Barrett | 6/17/2019

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your interest in the Aerobin composter. We do not recommend placing the Aerobin composter in a garage. Aerobin uses an aerobic process which means plenty of airflow is required, and if kept indoors a composting odor may be evident, so it should be kept outdoors.

Thanks, Customer Support.

I wanted to see how high off the ground this needs to be? I currently have this on 2x4’s on the grass, but not sure if that lets enough air underneath. Thanks

Erik Keenan | 5/1//2019

Hi Erik,

There are vents at the bottom which will allow enough air in, even when it is placed on the ground.. It can be helpful to raise the bin up slightly however to be able to adjust the leachate tap.

Thanks, Customer Support.

Can the Aerobin 400 be left in the sun without damaging the bin or is shade required?

Michael Amato | 7/9/2018

Hi Michael,

Due to the unique high design with the double insulated walls the Aerobin composter does not need to stand in the sun (to get warm) – it will work very well in the shade. As such it is recommended to place the Aerobin not in direct sunlight – the less direct sunlight one has on a plastic container the longer the container lasts. In direct sunlight I expect the Aerobing to last at least 10 years but in the shade it will be double that.

Thanks, Customer Support.

I love my aerobin and it's served me well through my first season. You mention on the site that the leachate can be diluted and used as fertilizer. What ratio of water should I use to dilute it?

Jessica | 12/16/2016

Hi Jessica,

The standard ratio is 10 to 1 (10 x more water).

Thanks, Customer Support.

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