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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do business with Exaco?

Exaco specializes in the distribution of unique products, and with 20 years of experience will offer you dependable and trustworthy service. Exaco has a reputation for offering high quality products – we believe in the Dutch saying “buying cheap, is buying twice”. We want to sell you only first class quality products.

What product guarantees does Exaco offer?

Exaco’s number one priority is to make sure that our customers are happy customers. We will do whatever necessary to correct a wrong, as long as this is reasonable, and under our control. We usually go beyond the call of duty.

What kind of experience does Exaco have - can they handle a big account?

Exaco can handle all types of accounts from the independent retailer to the likes of Wal-Mart. Currently we do business with Home Depot, Do-It-Best Corp, Costco, QVC, and several major catalogs including Plow & Hearth and Gardener’s Supply. In addition, we sell to many websites and numerous independent retailers. Exaco’s staff also has extensive business experience with Linens-N-Things, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Foley’s, and numerous major regional distributors.

Can Exaco handle transactions electronically?

Yes, it does so now through ADX with Do-It-Best Corp, Sterling Commerce with Home Depot and Commerce Hub with Costco.

Does Exaco provide “drop-ship” services?

Yes, we do (sometimes subject to an additional fee and/or special pricing).

What payment terms does Exaco offer?

This depends on the type of business. Websites are expected to pay by Credit Card, as is normally the case with all new accounts. Regular Retail Accounts can obtain open credit, subject to credit approval. To establish open credit please provide us with your bank contact information, and 4 trade references.

Does Exaco accept credit cards?

Exaco accepts: VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express

Does Exaco offer early payment discounts?

Not normally.

Can I buy container loads directly from the factory and get better prices?

Of course you can – to be negotiated. Payment terms are either Letter of Credit or wire transfer against documents (within 7 days of departure of the container).

What type of pricing/terms does Exaco offer?

Normally, FOB Austin. You pay for the freight from our warehouse to your door.

How can I reach Exaco Customer Service?

Our normal business hours are 8.30 am – 5.30 pm Central Time Zone. Customers buying products that need to be assembled can reach us virtually any time through our toll-free number, 877-760-8500.

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