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Tulip House Greenhouse
6 Piece Kit includes: Greenhouse, Foundation Frame, Roof vent, Solar Power Exhaust Fan,
Louvre Window, 12" wide Full Length Top Shelf and 24" wide Full Length Regular Shelf

Tulip House Greenhouse

The Tulip House is an attractive, practical greenhouse which enables you to get a lot of functionality in a relatively small space. .

The Tulip House measures 6' 8.5" W x 7'2" L x 7'2" H, giving you 48 square feet of usable growing space for plants and flowers of all types. To maximize this space, 2 full length shelves are included, and adjustable metal hooks or plastic hangers are available optionally for hanging plants. Acess is easy via he 23" wide sliding door, and air flow in the growing environment can be controlled by the included louvre window and solar exhaust fan.

This greenhouse is easy to assemble and has a warranty of 10 years on the polycarbonate clear sections, and 15 years on the aluminum frame.

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Tulip Greenhouse Front 2
Tulip Greenhouse right
louvre Tulip Greenhouse
Tulip Greenhouse left
knockout Tulip Greenhouse
shelves 2 Tulip Greenhouse
front Tulip Greenhouse
opening Tulip Greenhouse
solar fan Tulip Greenhouse
shelves Tulip Greenhouse
Tulip Greenhouse

About the Tulip House Greenhouse

  • Dark Green finish matches outdoors nicely
  • Sloped design - snow slides off & better resistants against wind
  • 4 mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate - good insulation
  • Foundation Frame: 4" high "C-shaped" - to be used as anchoring system - sits in the ground
  • Sliding door
  • Louvre Window
  • Roof Window
  • Two full length shelves - (1) 12" wide and (1) 24" wide
  • Warranty: Polycarbonate: 10 years (prorated after 5-years); Frame: 15 years
  • Assembly time: 2 people - 4-8 hours

Optional Accessories:

  • Adjustable metal Hooks: set of 5
  • Movable Plastic Hangers: set of 10
  • Heavy duty black seed trays
  • Automatic Window opener

View Wholesale Pricing Information

Suggested Retail Greenhouse Only: $899.99
Suggested Retail Shelves: $219.99
Suggested Retail Louvre Window: $54.99
Suggested Retail Sol;ar Exhaust: $109.99
Suggested Retail COMPLETE KIT (Greenhouse w. options): $1199.99

Base Foundation Instructions
Assembly Instructions
Solar ventilator Assembly Instructions
Louvre Window Assembly Instructions
Shelf and Staging Instructions

Tulip House Specifications:

  • 6' 8.5" W x 7'2" L x 7'2" high; 48 sq.ft.
  • Includes: 1 sliding door, 1 roof vent, 1 louvre window, 2 shelves and solar exhaust vent.
  • Inludes: Foundation Frame: 4" high
  • Sliding door opening; 23" wide x 73" tall
  • Louvre Window with 5 panels: 23" w x 18" high
  • Roof Window: 27" w x 20" H
  • top shelf 12" wide; bottom shelf: 24" wide

Terms and Conditions:

  • Net 15 Days (w/approved credit)
  • UPS/FedEX Shippable: 5 cartons: polycarbonate; curves; frame; shelves & Base; accessories
  • FOB Austin, Freight Extra
  • Prices Subject to Change without notice due to exchange rates









Arche | 11/2/2016

1. Do you have a distributor in Southcentral Alaska (Anchorage or Matanuska Valley)? 2. What is the external temperature range that the Tulip Greenhouse can withstand to protect the growing plants inside? 3. How much wind stress can this structure withstand? Very high winds in Matanuska Valley. (Will I have to go Bucky Fuller and build my own geodesic dome instead to make sure that my greenhouse does not become windborne?) Thanks very much for your help! Saw your product on the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit.

Exaco Customer Support | 11/2/2016

You are correct a Tulip House greenhouse is not suitable for Alaska, on the other hand a RIGA XL is very good and well suited for Alaska. We already have shipped numerous units to Alaska. There have been no problems at all - just very happy customers.

Thanks Exaco Trading

Dana | 7/29/2016

Just purchased this greenhouse from one of your dealers, I live in a desert climate and we get high winds in the summer. How will this hold up in the dust storms? Should I invest in tie downs? Thanks

Exaco Customer Support | 7/29/2016

Hello, Thanks for your question. Whether you need tie downbs or not is dependent on how much wind? Yes it might be good to make sure the greenhouse is properly anchored. The best way: put the Foundation Frame into the ground – as it is meant to be.

Thanks Exaco Trading

Bobby UT | 10 months ago

Does the temperature adjust automatically? Is there a thermostat that automates the fan?

Exaco Customer Support | 10 Months Ago

Hello, Thanks for your questions There is no climate control so no the temperature does not adjust automatically. The solar exhaust fan does have an adjustable thermostat.

Thanks Exaco Trading

Rachid | 8 months ago

Would you please send me the list price of your green houses? Thank you

Bellwether | 2 months ago

What is the snow/wind rating for this greenhouse?

Don7 | 9 days ago

Can the shelves be located on either side of the door?