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Samba Clothes Dryer by Juwel

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This Space Saving Clothes Dryer Practically Disappears When Not in Use

The Juwel Samba ceiling mounted clothes line dryer is an environmentally friendly and energy saving way to dry wash.

In order to use the Samba, pull the cord to allow the mechanism to expand from it's space saving ceiling mount. When not in use the Samba retracts into it's body and is practically invisible.

Once the Samba is installed it costs nothing to operate and will give you years of service.

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Samba Clothes Dryer Features

  • This unique line dryer can either be mounted indoors against a ceiling or under a deck or balcony outdoors.
  • Lower the dryer as much as 4 feet, hang your wash and raise it up again - wash is out of the way.
  • Made from high quality airplane aluminum - anodized and weather proof coating.
  • Plastic parts made from industrial strength Polymide Plastics
  • Clothes line made from "Twaron" high tension fiber - also used in bullet proof vests.
  • Clothes line: 62feet - enough for 2 loads of wash.
  • Made in Austria
  • 2 Year Warranty

Specifications Details

  • Installed:   78.75" long x 5.1" deep x 3.5" wide
  • Open:   60" long x 32" wide - lowers approx 4'
  • Lines:   60" long x 32" wide - lowers approx 4'
  • Boxed:   78.4" long x 5.1" wide x 3.4" high
  • Weight:   12.4 lbs
  • EAN/UPC:   9 001567 300404
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