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EasyStart® Greenhouse
Royal Victorian Greenhouse
- Large 250 Sq. Ft!

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Special features:

  • Aluminum framework is large in scale, thick gauge and strong
  • Extra roof support cross bar
  • 4mm tempered glass for safety and good insulation value. Glass is secured in place with heavy rubber sealing
  • 6'7" full height glass side panels provide excellent headroom along the interior sides, with an 9'2" overall height at peak.
  • Decorative roof ridge adds a touch of English sophistication
  • 4 Interior shade net sections open and retract with the pull of a cord, and each side is independent of the other depending on the suns location
  • 1 Misting system included. Hose attachment provided.
  • 6 roof windows included: with 2 hanging spindle crank and 4 automatic opening devices. Use whichever you wish.
  • 1 Louvre window for additional air flow
  • 1 large seedling bench runs the length of the greenhouse and attaches to the frame 4"d x 20"w
  • Top shelf and bottom/seed tray shelf - full length of greenhouse 20'
  • Both shelf units match color of framework
  • 2 full length gutters and downspouts (one each side)
  • Framework base can anchor to bare level ground (anchor stakes provided), a wood platform, or a concrete slab.
  • Step by step assembly instructions and DVD
  • Warranty: 15 years limited
  • Overall Dimensions: 12'7" x 19'11" x 9'2" high
  • Toll Free Number for help: 877 760-8500 Or to ask about Assembly Services
  • available accessory kit includes: additional sliding door, FLY screen, misting system, access door plate, louvre window


Royal Victorian Greenhouse
Large 250 SQ.FT.!

This classic Victorian Greenhouse kit provides the optimum environment for gardening year round while adding a stately presence to any backyard setting.

The dark green aluminum framework, tempered glass panels and full 6' 7" wall height combine to give you a comfortable interior workspace and a full view of your surroundings. The overall height is 9'2" feet.

Whether you are overwintering special or valuable plants from the cold, starting seedlings or creating a tropical jungle, you can enjoy years of maintenance free use with this fully loaded kit. Our automatic roof openers, built in misting system and interior shade net sections allow you to control the environment within the greenhouse to your specific needs.

Click image to see larger version.
Royal Victorian
vi46 w. plants
royal victorian front
vi46 front view
Royal Victorian
vi46 shelf
royal victorian front dimensions
inside view
Royal Victorian
vi46 full view
royal victorian front dimensions
front dimensions
royal victorian dimensions
full dimensions


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