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KOTA Grillhouse

Aeroplus 6000 compost system

The KOTA Grillhouse is a fun addition to any backyard. Large enough for 10 adults, this unique structure comes complete with a coal burning grill. It is made from high quality Scandanavian pine, and the kit comes with a variety of decorative elements such as LED lighting, fold down side tables, 4 full size reindeer skins, planters, and a smoke detector / fire extinguisher.

KOTA Grillhouse is the perfect addition for gatherings with friends in a cozy envirionment that is outside of your actual home. The perfect retreat to enjoy a cigar or pipe among friends even in cold weather, and of course the built in grill is fun any time of year.

The KOTA Grillhouse does not need permits in Washington, California or Texas. Please check with your own state for permit requirements prior to ordering. Generally the KOTA does not require a permit.

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About the KOTA Grillhouse

Suggested Retail: $19,999 + Shipping and Assembly

  • Made in Germany from the highest quality Scandinavian Pine - relatively a very hardwood.
  • Designed to be used for fun and/or parties up to 10 adults
  • Well insulated design for use in very cold weather (hunting/fishing cabin)
  • Six sided design, with 5 bench seats, and 2 drawers
  • 1 Split Door with double pane window with lock and custom door handle
  • 3 Windows - 1 top hinged (all double pane)
  • All wood has a smooth finish and rounded edges
  • Wood Floor
  • Storage space above the door
  • Regular roof shingles (90% pre-assembled)
  • 5 planters (pre-assembled)
  • Warranty: 5 years against manufacturers defect - note: maintenance required. Roof Shingles: average expected lifespan 10-15 years.

View Printable KOTA Grillhouse Assembly Instructions

View Printable KOTA Grillhouse Foundation Instructions

View Wholesale Pricing Information

Specifications Notes:

  • Wood is FSC Certified
  • All wood parts meet the EN 14080 and EN 386 Standards
  • Includes: air vent design under the dome
  • Self Assembly: 2 people 2 days - walls and roof sections, door and windows are pre-assembled
  • Exaco Assembly at your site available! (see price list for info)

KOTA Grillhouse Specifications:

  • Overall Size Assembled: 92 sq.ft.; across: 146" ; deep: 126"
  • 6 Sides - each Side: 73" wide x 52" high
  • Walls Are: 1 3/4" thick
  • Walls Are: 10 beams high
  • Roof Overhang Is: 12"
  • Door Opening: 25" wide x 62" high
  • Weight: about 3000 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: about 3000 lbs
  • Barcode UPC KOTA Grillhouse: 0 17783 37092 3

Terms and Conditions:


BarbaraB | 5 months ago

I am interesting in your Kota. I wanted to know how to order? With which transport company do you deliver such large itemps? And what are the payment methods you are using?

Exaco Customer Support | 5 Months Ago

Hello, Thank you for visiting our website. If you contact our customer service department they will be more than happy to assist you. customerservice@exaco.com 877-760-8500 FREE ext. 701 Thanks, Customer Support