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The Calypso Planter with reservoir
The Czardas line includes one very special item the Calypso Planter; why so unique? It is the only item of its kind. The planter is made out of one piece with a double bottom so as to provide a water reservoir and a water level indicator.

The roots of the plants go through the small openings in the double bottom accessing as much water as they need, but the water level indicator helps prevent the planter from being over-watered. Due to this system plants grow much better and live longer. In addition, the planter comes with lockable wheels – for easy rolling around. Can be used both indoors and outdoors – great for moving sensitive plants indoors during the winter. With its large water capacity this unit can also be left alone for more than a few days – take a 2 week vacation.

  • Water reservoir has 2.1 gallon capacity

Besides the planters the line also includes: Firewood storage racks and Garbage Can Surround Trellises.

Czardas Planters Info

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Czardas Planters:

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Two-in-one Planter & Trellis: a unique concept for your garden, patio and/or balcony. These items can instantly provide color and texture to areas not suitable for traditional gardens. Another suggested use is as movable props for parties, weddings and other special events. They are constructed from high quality U.V. Stabilized polyethylene, for many years of enjoyment. The
interchangeable components allow you to easily create many new designs - with out tools. These are easy to assemble and ship. Made in France.

Two-in-one Planter and Trellis not shown due to being out of stock at this time. Only Calypso Planter currently available.

Click image to see larger version.

Flair Planter Flair Planter
Flair Planter Flair Planter

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