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Why compost at home? Experts agree that home composting of organic kitchen and garden waste represents the lowest financial and environmental cost method of diverting bio wastes from landfill.

Torrefication of wood products:
Torrefaction of wood is the thermo-chemical treatment characterized by  subjecting the wood to a temperature of 200-300 degrees centigrade at near atmospheric pressure in the absence of oxygen.

The biomass partially decomposes, with losses of hydrogen and oxygen greater than the loss of carbon. The chemical nature of the wood is changed with the destruction of the OH-groups and the hygroscopic nature of the wood is partially lost.

This means, basically, that the wood has a very low uptake of moisture while in use (1-6%  by weight) and biological degradation is drastically slowed, resulting in a natural preservation without chemical treatment.

ECO Composter
  • Made from FSC Certified Canadian Spruce
  • 12 cu.ft. / 90 gallons
  • Back to the "good-old-days" - a traditional wood frame composter, but now made from a very long lasting torrefied wood (~15-20 years)
  • Wood has been Torrefied - thermo/chemical heat treated: lasts longer and will not be attacked by termites
  • Easy to assemble: just four side walls-each bolted to each other with 2 bolts with wing nuts - no tools required.
  • No bottom: allows for easy access for earthworms: the latter are best for making compost
  • Lid made of wood - much heavier than plastic lids - prevents wind blowing it away.
  • Wood composter looks much better and won't deteriorate
    as fast as plastic composters
  • Wood is much better for the environment than
    plastic composters.
  • Warranty: 2 years against manufacturers defect
  • Made in Canada

Click on the image to view a larger version.

ECO composter
ECO composter

Size of article assembled: 26.25"x26.25"x30"h
Net weight: Eco 88 - 34.5lbs
Qty / Single Packaging: 1
Kind of Packaging: Brown cardboard
Kind of palette: 40" x 48"
Qty per palette: 88
Size of master carton: ECO 88 - 30.2"x29"x5"
Weight per box: Eco 88 37lb

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