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New Oval Shaped Planters
Added for 2011!

Corsica Flower Bridge Oval PlantersCorsica Planters Corsica Planters display carton


CORSICA Planters

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An exciting variant to the classic bloom pot and a balcony planter. Because of its competitive pricing this unique design product is now available to a large group of consumers. These planters are specially designed for narrow railings, balcony railings, chain link fencing, and any vertical divider up to 2.5" wide.

  • New oval shape is same length & width as two round planters next to one another, but has 40% larger capacity.
  • Oval version comes in 4 colors: anthricite, white, taupe/caramel & terra cotta
  • Round version comes in 9 popular colors
  • New oval design very attractive
  • 2" Deep water resevior on the bottom
  • Overflow holes for too much water
  • 100% weatherproof resin
  • Display header cards for retail stores
  • Made in Holland
  • Comes with 2 stabilizers to prevent planter from moving around

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corsica stabilizer


Click image to see larger version.

Corsica Flower Bridge Planter Oval
Corsica Planter Oval
Corsica Flower Bridge Planter Oval
Corsica Flower Bridge Planter Oval
Fence/Railing Planter oval planters
Fence/Railing Planter Fence/Railing Planter
Railing/Fence Planter Fence/Railing Planter
Fence/Railing Planter Fence/Railing Planter
Fence/Railing Planter Corsica Planter
Corsica Planter

Round Specs:
Material: Polyethylene
Product dimension: 10.5" High / 11.5" Diameter
Net Weight: 14.5oz Bulk
Colours: terra, caramel, anthracite, white, metallic black, metallic blue, forestgreen, fuscia, intense red
Kind of Packaging: carton
Dimensions display carton A: Size: 12” d x 24” w x 50 h”
Contents display BOX: 40 pieces
assorted in 9 colours
shipping weight: 44lbs
free freight with full display
Pallet weight: Approx. 430 lbs.

Oval Specs:
Product Dimension: 11.65"w x 22.83" d x 9.45" h
Colors: anthricite, white, taupe/caramel & terra cotta
Contents display Box: 20 units
Display Carton Size: 24" d x 12" w x 31" h


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