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Aerobin 400 Composter
Pictured Here: 110 Gallon Medium Size Bin

RETAIL AT: Small 77 gallon - $139.99
  Medium 110 gallon - $199.99
  Large 187 gallon - $269.99
Optional Base Grid for small & medium - $34.99 
 View Wholesale Pricing Information
  • Much heavier duty/stronger than most other similar designs – material is 5 mm thick.
  • Polyamide (nylon) corner clips are much stronger than any other compost bin, but still "easy" to remove if some one wants to take the unit apart.
  • New air flow system: unique wall panel design allows air to continuously flow upwards along all 4 side panels.
  • Three sizes available: 77, 112, 187 gallons.
  • Rodent resistant base available: optional with the 77 & 112 gallon units, included with the 187 gal. unit.
  • Hinged lid which will NOT blow away.
  • Lid comes with a sliding lock – that works well – keeps possums and raccoons out.
  • Two side doors to remove mature compost (or simply lift the unit up and move it to the side for best access to compost pile).
  • Compost bins are made from: high grade polypropylene copolymer resin – up to 40% recycled material.
  • Resin is UV stabilized, which helps prevent color fading.

AeroQuick Small 77 Gallon
Assembled: 28.4" x 28.4" x 31.5"h -- 21.9lbs
Box: 32" x 26.8" x 6.7" -- 24.2lbs
AeroQuick Medium 110 Gallon
Assembled: 31.5" x 31.5" x 42"h --30lbs
Box: 42.1" x 29.6" x 5.9" -- 33lbs
AeroQuick Large 187 Gallon
Assembled: 37" x 37.1" x 43"h -- 49lbs
Box: 42.9" x 15.9" x 11.8" -- 52lbs
Container: 40' / AQ77=1088 units | AQ110=748 units | AQ187= 544units | CF100/120= 1700 units

Click the diagram below to view the
AeroQuick unique ventilation system

AeroQuick Ventilation System Diagram

Juwel Composters

Exaco is proud to offer the AeroQuick line compost bins by Juwel of Austria. These durable and attractive compost bins fgeature a unique wall panel design allows air to continuously flow upwards along all 4 side panels.

The AeroQuick Compost Bins have been put through rigorous testing at a facilitty in Southern Italy, which features a climate similar to Las Vegas , Nevada USA. Their oldest test composters at that site are 15 years old and still working fine!

AeroQuick Compost Bins will not fade in color for about 3 years, after which any color fading that may happen will be even over the the entire surface, and happens very slowly.

Click thumbnail image to see larger version.
AeroQuick Composter Weight test
Pictured Here: 187 Gallon Large and 77 Gallon Small Size Bins
AeroQuick Composter Large & Small
AeroQuick Features
AeroQuick Side Clips
AeroQuick 110 gallon diagram
AeroQuick 187 gallon diagram
AeroQuick Features
AeroQuick Side Clips
AeroQuick Composter Base
AeroQuick Locking Handle
AeroQuick Composter Base
AeroQuick Locking Handle
AeroQuick 77 Gallon
Small size
AeroQuick 110 Gallon
Medium size
Aeroquick Large Open



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