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EXACO USA Ltd. is a family owned company in Austin, Texas that introduced the Exomixer paint mixing blade to the U.S. market in the late 1980's. The company has been a vendor to major home center chains and national distributors for 17 years and prides itself on its relationship with a sheltered workshop in Austin that provides jobs for persons with mental disabilities.

The main activity of Exaco USA is the production and distribution of its Exomixer line: the original vertically blending steel paint stirrer used in power drills. Exaco USA introduced the Exomixer into the U.S. market in 1987.

USA Ltd. was established in 1988 by Vice President Andrew Cook. He was later joined in 1999 by CEO Kimberly Tyson Cook. While Exaco USA has long been a leader in providing paint mixing blades and associated products, the company has a separate sister company, Exaco Trading Co., which imports consumer products from Europe and Asia.

Quick Facts about Exaco:

  • Exaco USA Ltd. and Exaco Trading Co. are DBAs of parent company: Track Trading Co., which was incorporated in Texas in January 1988.
  • All warehousing, labeling, packaging and product shipment by Exaco USA are handled by VCR Industries (part of the Austin State School), a sheltered workshop for adults with mental disabilities). Exaco has proudly supported this organization since 1990.
  • Exaco USA can facilitate the custom fabrication of metal products for its customers. One such item currently being made is a "squeegee"- a metal holder with a notched rubber edge used to spread waterproof coatings.

Company History

Kimberly Tyson Cook - CEO

Kimberly Cook is an award winning business reporter who worked for 20 years for the Austin American-Statesman in Austin, Texas. In 1999 she left the paper to take over Track Trading Co. as CEO. Since then, she has handled the day-to-day operations of Exaco USA Ltd.

Andrew Cook
- Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Cook has extensive experience in the import business. He started Track Trading in 1988, DBA Exaco USA Ltd. He has imported and distributed numerous outdoor related products, including folding wheelbarrows, bike boats, paint mixers and lean seats. Subsequently, he founded De Van Koek (1990), a wholesale distributor of a broad line of gardening tools and accessories. By the time Cook sold the garden accessories operations of the
business in 1999, it had grown to over 1,000 SKUs and 2,500 customers.

Cook started Exaco Trading in 2001, which represented 6 foreign factories (such as Edelman, Holland; Bulldog Tools, England; The Nuttery, England; and Systems Trading, Israel). Later Cook and his staff worked full time for Systems Trading, handling all its sales and marketing in the USA. During this period Exaco created numerous sales programs and generated over $9 million in new revenue.

In 2004 Andrew left STC, to return to Exaco Trading to undertake new import ventures. Cook also is an industry consultant - helping foreign companies establish themselves in the USA.

Distribution Information

Exaco Trading specializes in the distribution of unique and high quality imported products. Currently Exaco offers the following products:

  • German Greenhouses - A line of high-end greenhouses specially designed to grow vegetables, herb and flowers in during the middle of the winter. It is the only product of its kind available under $5,000 retail. The product is available through a Drop-Ship retail program.
  • And now featured on this website:
  • Exaco Trading gifts - Product information and images are available for the following products: ICE Lantern.

    These products were recently introduced during both the International Housewares Show in Chicago (March 2005) and at the Gourmet Show in Las Vegas (May 2005).

    The ICE Lantern is already becoming a big success, with commitments from several major catalogs (such as Plow & Hearth, Gardener's Supply, Lee Valley Tools, Frontgate, and more).

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